Our transportation program is designed to help girls in our community access our facility with convenience.   Girls Inc. of Fort smith currently has six vehicles that hold 14 + passengers each to pick up girls from school to our after school program each day.  We offer this service to most Fort Smith Public Schools.



*please call a Girls Inc. of Fort Smith Representative before filling out this form.  We have to be sure that the school you are requesting pick-up from and the route it is on has availability. *

    In keeping with policies and procedures, it is critical for you to review the following information. Check the box next to each policy to indicate your willingness to participate in the program and adhere to the guidelines.

    Before submitting this form online and making a payment, I have called and spoke with a Girls Inc. of Fort Smith representative to assure that there is no Wait List for the school pick-up van which I am requesting.

    If my child(ren) does not need to be picked up from the designated school due to illness, after school appointment or other activity; I will notify Girls Inc, by 2:00 p.m. go that particular day. If I fail to notify Girls Inc. of my child's absence from the transportation program on three occasions, I understand that my child will be suspended from the transportation program until the next program season begins.

    I am aware that the complete transportation cost amount is $200.00 and can be paid in full or can be paid out in payments on scheduled payment dates.Each payment installment is $50.0. The following dates are when transportation payments are due: (these dates will also be sent with your confirmation email upon completion of this form:

    First Quarter * August - October due upon signing up for transportation at school year beginning Second Quarter * Nov. 1 - Jan 15 due on Nov. 1 Third Quarter * Jan. 15 - March 15h due on Jan. 15 Fourth Quarter * March 16 - May due March 16

    I understand that, at each school, a designated pick-up site will be determined. If my child is not present at the time of pick-up, she will not be transported to Girls Inc. I understand that Girls Inc. is not responsible for transporting my child if she misses the van. The van driver is instructed to call roll and wait no longer than three minutes for children.

    I agree, if my child no longer needs transportation services, to notify Girls Inc. as soon as possible other wise I will still be responsible for the cost of transportation.

    I agree that, for safety reasons, my child must adhere to the following transportation rules:
    -sit perpendicular in seats
    -wear seat belts
    -no yelling and shouting
    listen to staff member operating or riding in the van
    -throw away trash before getting on van
    -no open snacks, food or drinks in the van

    I will inform my child's school of her transportation arrangements with Girls Inc. so that they can aid in directing her to the designated wait area for van pick up.